Wine Battles: The Perfect New Year’s Eve Wine Game

Wine Battles is an educational wine game where members explore amazing wines and engage in a social wine competition.

Wine Battles is a revolutionary tournament-style wine competitions. You, the Battler, drink, review and vote for your favorite wines!

Regardless of your role (host, cook, or guest) in celebrations this November and December, holiday fatigue is an all-too-familiar concept for many people. New Year’s Eve, on the other hand, can be an opportunity to sit back, relax, and enjoy some bubbly. If you’re looking for an enjoyable and wine-related way to unwind this New Year’s, the team has the answer: Wine Battles!

Get in the Battle! Experience amazing boutique wines at home.

Wine Battles – Which wine will be the winner? You decide!

According to their website, Wine Battles is the only social, tournament-style wine tasting competition out there, and will help you become a more well-rounded vino drinker. When you join Wine Battles, you and a partner will be shipped two bottles of vino for eight weeks; each of these wines are hand-selected by experts and are the perfect counterparts to each other. You and your partner will decant, drink, and choose which of the two wines you believe is better, and then share your notes with other competitors via your unique Wine Battles profile.

Leave the TV off and enjoy an amazing evening sampling wine!

Red, White, and Combination Battles are all available, and there are three different pricing levels to choose from: Explorer ($49/month), Reserve ($79/month), and Cellar Builder ($119/month). Included in each shipment of wine is two hand selected wines, tasting notes, battle instructions, and voting sheets, and a Premium Membership. Wine Battles offers over 60 different wines to choose from, and has been featured in publications like Men’s Journal and The Examiner. Learn more by visiting and @WineBattles on Twitter.